BeSpiegel #223

take care
of you
of who
you truly
you are

scars align
your firmament
they hide
your treasures

you are
the constellation
ánd the light
that wants to
be seen

BeSpiegel #208

you are
this cre*n*ature
of love
that exists
through light

as light is
a pure energy

BeSpiegel #196

en verwachten

nu is er
en dit

BeSpiegel #186

ben hier nu
maak je vrij
van alles
wat jou weghoudt
om nu hier te zijn
ben hier nu

be here now
detach yourself
from everything that
distracts you
from being here now
be here now

BeSpiegel #166

let’s respect
each other
for how
we cope
with life’s

my way
is nothing more
and nothing less
than yours:
it’s different

we enrich life
with our
unique presence
and therefore
it’s sacred

BeSpiegel #162

how do you travel
how do you explore
how do you unravel
do you need more

there is always a way
your world
your way

can you be open
can you be curious
can you be courageous
to expand to all-ways

… everything is possible …

BeSpiegel #161

and for every moment
in grief
drops of
sacred love

BeSpiegel #159

there is not
one moment
that isn’t yours

what will you do
when will you go
where will you be
who will you tell

is there a place
for you
in this moment