BeSpiegel #122

are you willing
to face
your place

this here and now
this mysterious
world called life

are you willing
to open up
to the new perspectives
that are beyond
the obvious

BeSpiegel #121

all the waves

your breathe
your blood
your moods
your thoughts
your days
your years
your friends
your fears
your tears
your joy
your highs

it flows, it floats
just as it comes
it goes

BeSpiegel #113

There is a sacred space
between you and me:
a holy place.

A place to grow
to show our Selfs
our wounds, regrets,
our shame, our pain.

This place of light,
this mirror of Soul,
connects us
to a deeper knowledge
that only
unconditional love

BeSpiegel #112

So many lines
So many influences
So many stimuli

I can’t hear
the voice of soul
the sound of music
the rythm of heart

Returned to silence
where all became nothing
and nothing became All