BeSpiegel #248

as the night falls
daylight already
starts to awaken

in transformation
we rise
to new

let it run its course


BeSpiegel #235

holding intimacy
in a sacred way
soul to source

is like
glowing in the dark
feeling safe to share
light and shadow

BeSpiegel #233

holding my
love for you
in my heart
what wants
to be said

silently waiting
until the winds
gathering the words
scattering them
until they fall
into place

like seeds
in fertile soil

BeSpiegel #229

here I am
standing naked
in front of me
and the world

as who I am
is nothing more
and nothing less
than this:
standing naked
in front of me
and the world

and nothing more
nothing less
than a heart
that speaks
it’s tune

BeSpiegel #228

through the universe
through time
through light
through life

we learn
we explore
we use
we know
we connect
we let go
we heal
we create
we grow

we are travelers
to expand
the path of wisdom

BeSpiegel #227

you are whole
in one

the always available

you are here
and now

you always

you are special
you are welcome

let light guide you

BeSpiegel #223

take care
of you
of who
you truly
you are

scars align
your firmament
they hide
your treasures

you are
the constellation
ánd the light
that wants to
be seen

BeSpiegel #214

the entrance
is now, here
the next moment
and each following

it’s the entrance to
the experience of connection
that is always available

it only needs
an open heart
an open mind
and open hands
you see

that’s your way in