BeSpiegel #157

playing with words
as they come
the way they come

getting things
out of context
into new perspectives

taking what is meant figuratively literally
and vice versa
opens doors to other understandings
beyond the beaten path

BeSpiegel #155

do I dare
to see
through walls
of protection

do I dare
to see
the me
that I find
in you

can I allow
the good
the bad
the ignorance

can I allow

can I let love in

is there
some truth in
I see me
in you

BeSpiegel #148

is there
or flow

do I feel
or slow

am I
in doubt
or at ease

am I
or relieved

does it have
my thoughts
or my heart

deep down
I know

who am I fooling?
let’s go back
to the middle