BeSpiegel #223

take care
of you
of who
you truly
you are

scars align
your firmament
they hide
your treasures

you are
the constellation
ánd the light
that wants to
be seen

BeSpiegel #221

is it really
so important
to hold on

in what way
does it still
serve you

what happens
if you give it
a go

clear your space
my love
clear the space
make some room
for connection

Trots kan zorgen dat je vasthoudt uit gekrenktheid. Wat heeft je zo geraakt?
Kan je ruimte maken door met zachte ogen, zachte oren, zachte handen bij de pijn te zijn? Is er ruimte om zacht te zijn voor jezelf?

BeSpiegel #214

the entrance
is now, here
the next moment
and each following

it’s the entrance to
the experience of connection
that is always available

it only needs
an open heart
an open mind
and open hands
you see

that’s your way in

BeSpiegel #212

alles komt samen
en is heel
in één

de uitersten
de reikwijdte

om verbinding

jij bent de brug
(die over) het water
de walkanten

BeSpiegel #208

you are
this cre*n*ature
of love
that exists
through light

as light is
a pure energy

BeSpiegel #204

if for a second
my world collapses
I connect to this
always present
current inside
that tells me
to slow down
forget the ratio
and remember
that love is key

BeSpiegel #194

wrong and right
good and bad
shadow and light

BeSpiegel #168

light replaces
the darkness

it will shine
into the shadowed
places of life

we’re invited
to see beyond,
dissolving what’s
no longer serving us

like mist vanishing
due to the warmth
of the sun

brightness will increase