BeSpiegel #150

connect to the light
in your house
your vessel
your body

do you
value it

can you feel
the eminence
of light
in and around you

this is you


BeSpiegel #148

is there
or flow

do I feel
or slow

am I
in doubt
or at ease

am I
or relieved

does it have
my thoughts
or my heart

deep down
I know

who am I fooling?
let’s go back
to the middle

BeSpiegel #140


this morning
a little
grass snake
dropped by
in our house

it remembered me

a new skin
formes from inside out

Bespiegel #135

Can I break free?

How deeply
am I incarnated
in this matrix
of manipulation?

“Is there anybody
out there?”

Despite of this all
can I love my Self

– questions needed to be asked –

BeSpiegel #134

Waiting for
to debunk
the myth I created
about my life

Afraid for the pain
that would occur
that the truth was not
what I was longing for

There is another truth
that is brighter
and more inclusive
letting go of the system
letting go of be-longing
unlearning to adapt to be loved

BeSpiegel #133

hold on
to your Self
stay centered
and aware

connect to
your (light)body
connect to
who you are inside

just below the skin
there is this
magical Be-ing
that you are

if the world collapses
embrace your Self