BeSpiegel #123

working hard
to understand
why things are
the way they are

sometimes through
spaces of light
sometimes through
spaces of shadow

in moments
all falls into place

BeSpiegel #113

There is a sacred space
between you and me:
a holy place.

A place to grow
to show our Selfs
our wounds, regrets,
our shame, our pain.

This place of light,
this mirror of Soul,
connects us
to a deeper knowledge
that only
unconditional love

BeSpiegel #112

So many lines
So many influences
So many stimuli

I can’t hear
the voice of soul
the sound of music
the rythm of heart

Returned to silence
where all became nothing
and nothing became All

BeSpiegel #108

Ik zocht
naar woorden.

Pas toen ik
mijn gedachten
liet gaan,
opende zich
de wereld
waarin de zin kwam.