BeSpiegel #257

it’s calling you
it’s calling you
it’s calling you

does it touch
your heart

if not

what are you
still doing here


BeSpiegel #229

here I am
standing naked
in front of me
and the world

as who I am
is nothing more
and nothing less
than this:
standing naked
in front of me
and the world

and nothing more
nothing less
than a heart
that speaks
it’s tune

BeSpiegel #214

the entrance
is now, here
the next moment
and each following

it’s the entrance to
the experience of connection
that is always available

it only needs
an open heart
an open mind
and open hands
you see

that’s your way in

BeSpiegel #204

if for a second
my world collapses
I connect to this
always present
current inside
that tells me
to slow down
forget the ratio
and remember
that love is key

BeSpiegel #167

if only we
could find
each other
in the heart
of the matter

if only we
could hold
each other
in the depth
of our space

if only we
could carry
the stories that
travel through
our lives

if only we
could hear
each other
in the echo
of the voice

if only we
could open
our hearts
to the path
of our soul

may peace guide us

BeSpiegel #161

and for every moment
in grief
drops of
sacred love