BeSpiegel #159

there is not
one moment
that isn’t yours

what will you do
when will you go
where will you be
who will you tell

is there a place
for you
in this moment

BeSpiegel #158

the world needs
to create a safe
in which we all can thrive

anything else
be true
to your Self

BeSpiegel #157

playing with words
as they come
the way they come

getting things
out of context
into new perspectives

taking what is meant figuratively literally
and vice versa
opens doors to other understandings
beyond the beaten path

BeSpiegel #155

do I dare
to see
through walls
of protection

do I dare
to see
the me
that I find
in you

can I allow
the good
the bad
the ignorance

can I allow

can I let love in

is there
some truth in
I see me
in you

BeSpiegel #149

let tenderness speak

let the gentle breeze
of breath
bring ease

hold your love closely
for a moment
for another
for one second more

soften your gaze

then find your way
to say
what’s left for you to say