BeSpiegel #170

bij de bewuste keuzes
die je maakt
stel je zelf de vraag:
ga ik hiervan stromen?

kies met hart en ziel
en laat de rest wat vieren

BeSpiegel #168

light replaces
the darkness

it will shine
into the shadowed
places of life

we’re invited
to see beyond,
dissolving what’s
no longer serving us

like mist vanishing
due to the warmth
of the sun

brightness will increase

BeSpiegel #167

if only we
could find
each other
in the heart
of the matter

if only we
could hold
each other
in the depth
of our space

if only we
could carry
the stories that
travel through
our lives

if only we
could hear
each other
in the echo
of the voice

if only we
could open
our hearts
to the path
of our soul

may peace guide us

BeSpiegel #166

let’s respect
each other
for how
we cope
with life’s

my way
is nothing more
and nothing less
than yours:
it’s different

we enrich life
with our
unique presence
and therefore
it’s sacred

BeSpiegel #162

how do you travel
how do you explore
how do you unravel
do you need more

there is always a way
your world
your way

can you be open
can you be curious
can you be courageous
to expand to all-ways

… everything is possible …