Over MarliesZ


BeSpiegel #144

what is
true to you

does it make you feel
happy, light, connected?
does it make (non)sense?
does it have your heart?

does it make you feel a-live?

keep close at heart
what is without doubt
worth living for

your values value

do not let anyone
tell you otherwise

BeSpiegel #142

in nature
I can explore
my world
and be truly present
with what will
reveil its Self

nature mirrors me
and in her reflections
I deeply understand
I am all that she is

BeSpiegel #140


this morning
a little
grass snake
dropped by
in our house

it remembered me

a new skin
formes from inside out

BeSpiegel #137

get involved with
what naturally
makes you
feel good

follow the flow
that flows in you